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Energizer Compact 2AA 5-LED Metal

Energizer Compact 2AA 5-LED Metal


  • $ 1430

Lightweight and compact, the Energizer?? 5 LED Metal Light is an economical general lighting choice. It has an aluminum body and an easy to operate push button tailcap switch. Providing 35 lumens of light, this flashlight will allow you to make out objects up to 34 meters away, making it handy for household use. In addition, the small size and slim design makes it easy to carry in pocket, purse, toolbox or backpack.


- Bright White LED
- Durable metal case
- Push button tail switch
- 5 LEDs provide 35 lumens
- Packed with 2 AA Energizer?? Max?? Batteries
- Light Output: 35 Lumens
- Beam Distance: 34 meters
- Run Time: 1.30 hours
- Color: Gunmetal Gray
- Size: H: .91 L: 5.63

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