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Sightmark Night Raider Night Vision Riflescope 3x60mm

Sightmark Night Raider Night Vision Riflescope 3x60mm


  • $ 69997

The Sightmark Night Raider 2.5 x 50 night vision riflescope is a universal night optic designed for nighttime hunting and observation. The Night Raider is a passive starlight device, which means it does not require an artificial or IR light source to operate however, the built-in IR illuminator substantially enhances viewing capabilities, especially in environments of absolute darkness. Adding to its superior functionality, the Night Raider boasts a stabilized power supply that resists recoil and ensures an uninterrupted power supply while shooting. Also included is a durable protective flip-up objective lens cover, remote control and a photo/video adapter. With all these features, the Night Raider 2.5 x 50 is a necessity for any hunting or shooting enthusiasts arsenal.


- Sightmark Night Raider 2.5x50 Night Vision Riflescope
- Protective Carrying Case
- Remote Control
- Additional Weaver Rail for Accessories


- Two-Color Range Finding Reticle (Red or Green)
- High Quality Image and Resolution
- Close Observational Range of Focus (Sm)
- IPX4 Rating Against Water Intrusion
- Precision Windage / Elevation Adjustment
- Ergonomic Design & Quick Power-Up
- Lightweight and Durable Titanium Body
- Built-in, High Power IR Illuminator with Beam Focus
- Incremental Reticle Brightness Adjustment
- Vertical Positioning of the Battery to Ensure an Uninterrupted Power Supply When Shooting
- Protective Flip-up Objective Lens Cover
- Remote Control with Secure Attachment
- Photo and Video Adaptable

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